Role: Master (top) 60 years 168cm 64kg Body: normal Ethnicy: White Safe sex: Never

Amo sádico y experto. gusta el SM & FIST. Solo apto para masocas. Abstenerse novatos Bondage, cbt, ballbusting, gutpunching, ostias, palizas, azotes, fist, doublefist, deepfist, látigos, agujas, inyecciones, scat, meos, lapos, canning, electro, secuestro, momificacion, etc….. tan duro como aguantes Experto fister Suelo grabar las sesiones en video. Sadistic and expert Master I like the SM & FIST. Only suitable for masochists. Refrain newbies Bondage, cbt, ballbusting, gutpunching, ostias, beatings, whipping, fist, doublefist, deepfist, whips, needles, injections, scat, piss, lapos, canning, electro, kidnapping, mummification, etc ... as hard as you endure Fister expert I usually record the sessions on video. == Results from == 100% Dominant 100% Degrader 100% Sadist 97% Primal (Hunter) 96% Master/Mistress 92% Owner 92% Rigger 91% Voyeur 80% Daddy/Mommy 57% Ageplayer 44% Exhibitionist 43% Vanilla 40% Brat tamer 37% Experimentalist

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